Behavioural Consultations

Every dog is different and has his or her own set of emotional states and feelings towards things, people and situations, just like we do. These can sometimes lead to behavioural difficulties that can make the dog unhappy.

These issues can typically include home alone issues, aggression, inappropriate play patterns, un-channelled breed specific drives, such as chasing, herding etc., barking and so on.

Behavioural consultations are carried out at your own home – where it matters – and I offer a truly personalised service to fit with your family and your valuable time.

All behavioural consultations are seen under veterinary referral for two reasons. Firstly, many behavioural problems are directly related to a clinical condition and secondly, as a Clever Dog Company Method Training licence holder, I follow the best practise guidelines of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors).

The consultation will take 60-90 minutes, after which a set of recommendations will be worked up to tackle the identified issues; recommendations might, for example, include a behavior modification program and a training schedule.