One-to-one Puppy Training

Your new puppy is home! Everyone is thrilled and excited, and the family’s latest addition will just fit straight in…


He doesn’t listen!
He’s biting the children!
He doesn’t understand the word, no!

I will guide you through a classic puppy 1-2-1 training programme over 6 weeks including the following;

  • Sit, stay
  • Down
  • Polite lead walking to heel
  • Mouthing
  • Recall
  • Polite greeting (not jumping up!)
  • Leave
  • Handling
  • Advice on socialisation

Not all puppies suit puppy classes. Some slightly less confident or shy puppies can find them stressful so their learning ability is compromised, or they just pick up bad habits! For that reason, I offer Clever Dog Company Method Bespoke Programmes for puppies and beginner dogs. Do contact me for more information.

In addition, I also offer bespoke puppy packages tailored exactly to you and your puppy’s needs. This can be particularly useful as your puppy reaches adolescence. Adolescence is a vital time for your young dog who will move into the world of risk taking (don’t we all?!) and rapid learning. It is a wonderful time to revisit training and behaviour modification before habits become life long problems.