I am a 1-2-1 dog trainer and behaviourist living and working in Surrey

About me

My love of dogs started when I was four years old, when Tico, our gold and white cocker spaniel, came into my life. I remember watching him for hours and marvelling at his ability to communicate with his human family and dog friends using his extensive body language. I have had many dogs since him and have loved them all. I now have two dogs of my own – a gorgeous black Labrador and a rescue from Romania. This little rescue dog has been with me for three years now and is a constant joy, challenge and source of learning. But most importantly we have so much fun!

One-to-one Puppy Training

Your new puppy is home! Everyone is thrilled and excited, and the family’s latest addition will just fit straight in… BUT He doesn’t listen! He’s biting the children! He doesn’t understand the word, no! I will guide you through a classic puppy 1-2-1 training programme over 6 weeks.

Adult Dog Training

Once you’ve made it through puppyhood (well done, by the way!) dog training is an on-going discipline and there are many, many opportunities for your best friend to learn and practise new and unwanted behaviours as he grows up. I offer a tailor made programme to help you through your dog’s adult life. This can include a refresher course of the old favourites… has your adult dog developed selective hearing? Don’t worry, we can work on magnetic recall! Or, your programme can introduce new commands, training tricks and fun to keep your bond strong and mutually beneficial.

Rescue dogs

I have a soft spot for the wonderful and brave dogs in the rescue world, and the people who rescue them! So many fabulous dogs are coming out of rescue and over to the UK from EU countries where their shelters, pounds and even farms, often produce traumatic experiences for the dogs.


a hot topic amongst practitioners in the field of animal behaviour!

“You are what you eat” is a quote that can be applied to the dog world too. There is vast anecdotal evidence that behaviour is linked to diet in dogs too and preliminary studies suggest that food has an impact on a dog’s ability to learn, concentrate and problem solve.

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